The Host: Angela Pulvirenti

Hello. You’re probably thinking that interviewing celebrities and influencers from around the world while drinking phenomenal wine is just about the best job anyone could have. Well, the truth is…


You may also be wondering how one goes about getting such a job.
Well, the truth is…
You can’t really apply for a job like that. You have to create it!

If you are at all interested, here is a little bit about what I did to end up here:

– PRE 2000 Began working as a writer and producer for the Seven Network
– 2004- 2008 Hosted and Produced the celebrity interview show Backstage Pass on the Nine Network.
(Some of my guests on this series you may have heard of: Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Beyonce, Mick Jagger, Coldplay, Kylie, Robbie Williams, Keith Urban).
– 2010-2014 Hosted and Produced the sporting icon interview series Inside Edge on ABC Radio and ABC News24.
– 2014-2015 Hosted and Produced the studio interview Foxtel series The Truth About Us; which featured Russell Crowe, Jimmy Barnes, Guy Pearce and Maggie Beer.

Somewhere in the middle of all that – I worked as a producer on a wine show for Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel.
At the time I enjoyed a glass of crisp sauvignon blanc every now and then, but didn’t really understand the artistry and complexity of wine.
Not to mention the vast number of varieties there was to discover.

We travelled around Australia and NZ filming that show and I got to meet many wonderful wine makers. I was struck by their deep passion for their work.
It reminded me a lot of talking to artists about their music; that need to express something distinctive, unique and personal.

Since then, like many wine enthusiasts, I have been on such a fun and enjoyable journey of discovery:
Full bodied, creamy chardonnay; flinty, lemony riesling; the more refined, contemporary expressions of cabernet sauvignon and shiraz…
And have you tasted some of the new Rose coming out of Heathcote?

At The Cellar is all about having a great yarn with an interesting person while discovering a great wine.

I am so grateful that such a successful and dynamic business like Dan Murphy’s have partnered with me in bringing it to life.
One of the highlights of the experience has been having a live audience – (Dan Murphy Members) – share in the experience.

There is something very intimate and special about being At The Cellar for one of our exclusive celebrity recordings.
Not least of which is the wines you get to taste!

I hope to see you there one day soon.